Mary Morgan Morton


How have I become a painter? At school I enjoyed Art. My father would comment that when I was painting or studying Art I was fully absorbed in what I was doing. However, I was from an academic background and getting a University degree was considered important. Art college was never raised as an option. I made what I thought was a good compromise and went to Leeds University to study Textile Design. My first job was designing sheets and towels for Dorma Textiles. I could have been Mary Quant, but, at the time, I did not have her drive and (perhaps) luck.

I also had a big family and bringing-up four children took all my creative energy. When they were not quite a full time job I started to look around for what I wanted for a career and at that time decided that I needed to be in what I then considered the “real world” and returned to University to study for an MA in Social Work. I became a Probation Officer and had a 15 year career working in London with all kinds of offenders-the young, the drug-users, the domestic violent offenders . I also worked with victims of crime. I finished my career in Wiltshire working mostly in the Crown court.

My creative urge returned quite gradually. I started to paint pastels and oil paintings. When I was encouraging a talented young offender to enter an Art competition about drugs in the South of London I also entered the competition and to my surprise – I won!

By the time I was 50 I wanted to paint full time and took some time off from work to return to University for a third time to study Fine Art. I then started to paint seriously and became involved and friendly with Artists in Wiltshire. I retired from the Probation Service and devoted as much time as possible to painting. This is not always easy as I have a demanding husband who needs lunch and lots of grand-children who need my time and love-but I do my best and the result is here on my web-site for you to look at and hopefully enjoy.

Painting 1

I am happy to take commissions. People quite often feel that they would like an original piece of Art that is personal to them. A popular choice is a picture of your garden which can be in the style of the melange (illustrated above) or a view of a favourite place or walk (see landscape gallery).

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