Mary Morgan Morton
Welcome to my web-site . I hope you enjoy looking at my work. The gallery is divided into five sections: Landscape, Coast, Gardens, Figures and Still Life. The gallery reflects my style of work which is vibrant in colour and emotions. To put labels on work is difficult, but I would describe my style as abstract emotionalism.
Manor house melange

Manor House Melange

£900 (commissions for melange paintings for your garden can be given -prices depending on size and travel requirements)

Size of melange: 1 m x 70 cm; detached: 49 cm x 39 cm

Olive Grove

£220  41 cm x 50 cm



Original £112
Print £60

Fishing Boat

£250  64cm x 54cm

Mary paints in a studio situated in the garden of her picturesque thatched cottage in Wiltshire. It is here she creates her figure paintings which have a very attractive and original impact . Her pictures tell stories and are full of colour and movement.

Prints of Mary's work can be purchased on her Etsy shop.

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Painting 1

I am happy to take commissions. People quite often feel that they would like an original piece of Art that is personal to them. A popular choice is a picture of your garden which can be in the style of the melange (illustrated above) or a view of a favourite place or walk (see landscape gallery).

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